Bill Bailey SHOULD be the 11th Doctor!

2007 January 10
by Dexter M

Of course, this is strictly an opinion, but you know it makes sense!

This is largely my response to the awful “news” put out on the Yahoo! new site that : a) David Tenant is likely to quit at the end of the next series, and b) Jason Statham (he of Transporter and Lock Stock… fame) might be taking over.

Bill Bailey is clearly the best choice – the West Country codemic genius has the witt, the quirks and the down-right strangeness to pull the role off.

Failing that I reckon Richard E Grant would also make a good Doctor – after all, he did do the animated stuff on the BBC website a couple of years back. Or how about (dare I say it) a lady Doctor? Jessica Stevenson?

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  1. Lactose permalink
    January 10, 2007

    Lady Doctor? Have you gone stark staring potty? In theory, fab, in actuality that has zero canonicity. Trust me, I’m a Who geek (or some would say, just a Dirty-whoer).

    As for Bill. Yes. A fabulous choice that rocks most righteously. I’d vote for him. Part Timelord, part Troll :-)


  2. John permalink
    January 10, 2007

    OK, so I’m not the ultimate Doctor fanatic, but it would be interesting if they can get the right woman.

    Just thought I’d throw that in for a few comments ;)

    And it worked….

    [Reels in line and looks for keep net]

  3. Lactose permalink
    January 10, 2007

    Oh, well, is you’ve got the hook in my gob (so to speak) Daz raised a valid point today that (as our beloved Gallifreyan only gets 12 regenerations, 13 incarnations, unless he does a cunning Master thing) number 14 could well be a woman to fudge the inevitable fudge…



  4. CyberpunkHero permalink
    January 10, 2007

    I’d love to see Jason Statham or Bill Bailey as the Doctor. Bill Bailey would be like how Sylvester McCoy could only dream about, and Statham should do the job diving through windows with a sonic screwdriver in each hand. Maybe the BBC could get John Woo as a guest director for the pilot episode.

    Personally, I reckon they should do some time-flange where the Doctor regenerates in two incarnations at once, like they did with Buffy/Faith or Buffy/African bird. Two Doctors in awful time cataclysm (again) shocker !

  5. Anonymous permalink
    January 10, 2007

    Choose Bill Bailey if you want the series decending into a complete parody…

    And why not Jason Statham? It’d be a completely different take on the mix if you had a Doctor who simply blew shit up. Who needs a Sonic Screwdriver when you’ve got an Uzi?


  6. John permalink
    January 10, 2007

    @Cyberpunkhero : Yes – an interesting take with multiple incarnations – not sure how long they could sustain that, but since the BBC is keen on many spin offs at the moment (Torchwood, Sarah Jane thingamy etc.) they may well go for it.

    @May : I’d be even happier with Bill blowing things up and looking like a bewildered half-troll west country bloke – and I thought Doctor Who? had long since come to terms with it’s ability to parody itself ;)

  7. Lactose permalink
    January 10, 2007

    As we’re storming along with debate here, I’d go for Hatty Hayridge or Jane Horrocks for a female Doctor.

    That said, that’s still pretty old school and they’ll go for someone younger and more trendy cos that’s what Who’s all about these days. Some ex-kids TV, Blue Peter or Holly Oaks bod :-)


  8. Bubba Fett permalink
    January 10, 2007

    Jason Statham as a little too Wooden for the part. It would become a bit too Power Ranger like for me with kung foo fighting against people in monster costumes.

    Bill Bailey would be good in the part and would get my vote or as an alternative Eddie Izzard. If it were to be a lady I would say Rita Von Tease purley as she needs more TV exposure!

  9. ~~steve~~ permalink
    January 11, 2007

    I’ve always liked the idea of Richard E Grant or Bill Nighy as the Doctor – Alan Rickman too. But I think it’s true that a precedent has now been set for younger actors to play the role and a move back to an older Doctor who likely impact badly on the audience figures.

    In the younger category, I reckon David Thewlis would be a good choice. Bill Bailey wouldn’t be too bad a choice – certainly better than some of the other names I’ve seen thrown around. (Harry Hill FFS!).

    Haven’t been able to really come up with any decent suggestions for a female Doctor. The only name that sprung to mind early on was Tamsin Grieg (Green Wing)?

  10. John permalink
    January 11, 2007

    @~~steve~~ : hmmm Hary Hill – maybe – he is, in many ways just as much of a genius as Bill Bailey. Also – nice idea about Tamsin Grieg – definately has a good balance of serious/quirky acting ability – she’s been superb in most her roles – even Debbie in the Archers!

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