Democarcy 2.0, Grimm at Last and Dull Betty

2007 January 12
by Dexter M

Thanks to Bri for pointing out today. It’s a truly remarkable (dare I say it) “Web 2.0″ site, aimed at allowing us to find out easily, and in one place what our representatives in parliament (elected and non-elected) are doing. You can type in your postcode, find out who your MP is and, more importantly find out : how they are voting, how and when thy are attending debates, asking questions, going on foreign trips at our expense, whether their speeches are understandable by the average 17-18 year old and even how many three word alliterations they have used (like “she sells shells” apparently!).

I found out my MP, Julie Malaber:

  • only voted “moderately” for a ban on smoking in public places
  • is a member of “Advisory Committee on Works of Art”
  • never rebels against her party line
  • and has used three-word alliterative phrases 76 times in debates – average for MPs apparently!

There’s a whole kit bag of tools (RSS feeds, commenting, alerts when someone makes a speech etc.), loads and loads of clearly laid out information (including Hansards information). What is more this is a “not-for-profit” site run by a charity – so hopefully will remain entirely impartial.

An utterly brilliant and seemingly well executed idea.

Meanwhile, in the world of entertainment, we finally got to watch all of The Brothers Grimm. Another great film from Terry Gilliam. Perhaps not his best, but certainly very entertaining, with plenty of his anarchic touches.

On a more disappointing note : after missing a couple of weeks, we finally caught the much hyped Ugly Betty, which proved to be a damp squib – unfunny, quite predictable and just rather dull really. Ho Hum.

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